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Oncogene. 1991 Aug;6(8):1397-407.

Interaction of the v-and c-Myb proteins with regulatory sequences of the human c-myc gene.

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Max-Planck-Institut fuer Molekulare Genetik, Abt. Schuster, Berlin, Germany.


Eight c-Myb-binding sites have been identified in the regulatory region of the human c-myc gene using gel retardation and DNAase I footprint assays with purified bacterially expressed full-length and carboxy-terminally truncated c-Myb proteins. These binding sites exhibit different affinities whereby strong binding correlates better with conservation of the palindromic sequences, AACXGTT or AACGTT, than the previously described consensus sequence. Flanking AT-rich sequences further increase the binding affinity. The c-Myb-binding sites are arranged in pairs consisting of one high- and one low-affinity binding site. Binding of the Myb proteins to these sites is non-cooperative. The v-Myb protein protects two nucleotides fewer than the c-Myb protein. Co-transfection of reporter CAT genes, containing upstream human c-myc sequences including exon 1, with c-Myb-expressing constructs resulted in positive transactivation, which was eightfold with full-length Myb and 14-fold with the truncated Myb. This result suggests that the Myb protein could participate in regulation of human c-myc gene expression.

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