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Endocrine. 2006 Apr;29(2):375-81.

Chronic treatment with either dexfenfluramine or sibutramine in diet-switched diet-induced obese mice.

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  • 1Department R4CY, Metabolic Disease Research Division, Abbott Laboratories Global Pharmaceutical Research, Abbott Park, IL 60064-6126, USA.


Dexfenfluramine (DEX) and sibutramine (SIB) are effective antiobesity agents. Their effects on weight control and hormone profile have not been previously studied in diet-switched diet-induced obese (DIO) mice, in which treatment is initiated upon cessation of a low-fat diet and resumption of a high-fat diet. Furthermore, their effects on circulating ghrelin in obese humans or in animal models of obesity have not yet been reported. Male C57Bl/6J DIO mice after 16 wk on a high-fat diet (HF, 60 kcal% fat) were switched to a low-fat diet (LF, 10 kcal% fat) for 50 d. HF diet resumed concurrently with treatment for 28 d with DEX 3 and 10 mg/kg, twice a day (BID); SIB 5 mg/kg BID; or vehicle. Rapid weight regain ensued in vehicle-treated DIO mice. DEX or SIB treatment significantly blunted the body weight gain. Caloric intake was decreased acutely by DEX or SIB vs vehicle during the first 2 d treatment, but returned to control after 5 d. At the end of study, epididymal fat weight and whole body fat mass determined by DEXA scan were decreased by DEX 10 mg/kg, and whole body lean mass decreased with DEX 3 mg/kg treatment. Circulating ghrelin on d 28 was increased with either DEX 3 or 10 mg/kg treatment, while growth hormone and insulin were decreased. Leptin was also decreased in the DEX 10 mg/kg group. SIB did not significantly affect fat mass, ghrelin, growth hormone, insulin, or leptin. Mice chronically fed LF diet maintained a lower caloric intake, gained less weight and fat mass than diet-switched mice, and had higher ghrelin and lower insulin and leptin. In summary, weight regain in diet-switched DIO mice is delayed with either DEX or SIB treatment. DEX treatment of diet-switched DIO mice decreased growth hormone, insulin, leptin, fat mass, lean mass, and increased ghrelin, while SIB only decreased body weight.

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