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Georgian Med News. 2006 May;(134):104-6.

[Influence of electromagnetic radiation of different ranges on the transmembrane transport of Na+, K+, and Ca2+ ions in normal and tumor cells].

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The problem of planetary pollution is one of the most pressing ones. In the present work it was determined to assess functional state of a cell according to criterion of transport of Na(+), K(+), and Ca(2+) ions subjected to irradiation with electromagnetic fields (EMF) of different frequency ranges. Recording of the ions' concentration was made with the ion-selective electrodes immersed into the Ringer solution. The ion transport was studied in the fibroblasts of the mice. Influences of the EMF in the range of 20 to 100 Hz and different inductances were assessed. It was found that the frequencies below 45 Hz and above 60 Hz, at inductance of 2,0 mT induced stimulation of transmembrane transport of Na(+), K(+), and Ca(2+) ions. According to some electrophysiologists, this effect must be due to the fact that the frequency below 45 Hz generates potentials too slowly. Therefore an adaptation to this process does occur, while at the higher frequencies velocity of stimulation is so high that the cellular membrane cannot react and, as a result, the effect similar to the first variant is observed.

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