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J Neurosci Methods. 1991 Mar;37(1):7-14.

Application of a fluorometric method to measure glutamate release from single retinal photoreceptors.

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Dept of Physiology, School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco 94143.


Release of the endogenous transmitter, glutamate, was measured from individual cone photoreceptors using a microfluorometric technique. The assay for glutamate was conducted within the lumen of a suction pipette, and was based on the fluorometric measure of the production of NADH from NAD+. This reaction was catalyzed by glutamate dehydrogenase contained in the pipette. Upon introduction of glutamate to the pipette, an increase in the NADH fluorescence was observed, representing the stoichiometric conversion of glutamate to NADH. The fluorescent signal was quantified, allowing an estimate of glutamate release from a single cone upon depolarization. The release observed was elicited upon depolarization of the cell with extrinsic current, and was detectable simultaneous with stimulation of the cell. Depolarization-induced release of endogenous glutamate was from the synaptic pedicle of the cell, and this release decreased with subsequent stimulations. The decrease in the release could be briefly reversed by an increase in the depolarization current used, or by allowing the cell to rest for several minutes.

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