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DNA Res. 2005;12(5):291-9. Epub 2006 Jan 9.

Complete set of ORF clones of Escherichia coli ASKA library (a complete set of E. coli K-12 ORF archive): unique resources for biological research.

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Graduate School of Biological Sciences, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Takayama, Ikoma, Nara, Japan.


Based on the genomic sequence data of Escherichia coli K-12 strain, we have constructed a complete set of cloned individual genes encoding Histidine-tagged proteins with or without GFP fused for functional genomic analysis. Each clone encodes a protein of predicted ORF attached by Histidines and seven spacer amino acids at the N-terminal end, and five spacer amino acids and GFP at the C-terminal end. SfiI restriction sites are generated at both the N- and C-terminal boundaries of ORF upon cloning, which enables easy transfer of ORF to other vector systems by cutting with SfiI. Expression of cloned ORF is under the control of an IPTG-inducible promoter, which is strictly repressed by lacI(q) repressor gene product. The set of cloned ORFs described here should provide unique resources for systematic functional genomic approaches including (i) construction of DNA microarray, (ii) production and purification of proteins, (iii) analysis of protein localization by monitoring GFP fluorescence and (iv) analysis of protein-protein interaction.

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