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Mol Vis. 2006 May 12;12:499-505.

Fine mapping of the keratoconus with cataract locus on chromosome 15q and candidate gene analysis.

Author information

Department of Medical Genetics, Queen's University of Belfast, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, United Kingdom.



To report the fine mapping of the keratoconus with cataract locus on chromosome 15q and the mutational analysis of positional candidate genes.


Genotyping of two novel microsatellite markers and a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in the critical region of linkage for keratoconus with cataract on 15q was performed. Positional candidate genes (MORF4L1, KIAA1055, ETFA, AWP1, REC14, KIAA1199, RCN2, FAH, IDH3A, MTHFS, ADAMTS7, MAN2C1, PTPN9, KIAA1024, ARNT2, BCL2A1, ISL2, C15ORF22 (P24B), DNAJA4, FLJ14594, CIB2 (KIP2), C15ORF5, and PSMA4) prioritized on the basis of ocular expression and probable function were screened by PCR-based DNA sequencing methods.


We report the refinement of the linkage region for keratoconus with cataract to an interval of approximately 5.5 Mb flanked by the MAN2C1 gene and the D15S211 marker on chromosome 15q. Mutational analysis of positional candidate genes detected many sequence variations and single nucleotide polymorphisms. None of the sequence variants were considered pathogenic as they were also found in unaffected family members and normal control DNA samples.


Fine mapping of the keratoconus with cataract locus on 15q has reduced the linked region to 5.5 Mb, thereby excluding 28 candidate genes. A further 23 candidate genes were excluded by direct sequencing methods, although a pathogenic genomic rearrangement or exonic deletion would not have been detected.

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