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Undersea Hyperb Med. 2006 Mar-Apr;33(2):85-8.

Monoplace hyperbaric chamber use of U.S. Navy Table 6: a 20-year experience.

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LDS Hospital, Utah, USA.


We report a 20-year experience at LDS Hospital, Salt Lake City, UT using the U.S. Navy Treatment Table 6 (TT6) in an oxygen-filled monoplace hyperbaric chamber (1985-2004). Air breathing was provided via a demand regulator fitted with a SCUBA mouthpiece while the patient wore a nose clip. Intubated patients were mechanically ventilated with a Sechrist 500A ventilator, with a modified circuit providing air, when specified. We treated 90 patients: 72 divers (decompression sickness [DCS] = 67, arterial gas embolism [AGE] = 5), 10 hospital-associated AGE, and 8 miscellaneous conditions. They received a total of 118 TT6 (9 TT6 in intubated patients). Ninety-four percent of the TT6 schedules were tolerated and completed. The intolerance rate from two surveyed multiplace chambers was zero and 3% of 100 TT6 schedules each. Failure to complete the TT6 was due to oxygen toxicity (4) and claustrophobia (3). The U.S. Navy TT6 was well tolerated by patients with DCS or AGE treated in monoplace hyperbaric chambers, but tolerance may not be as high as when treated in the multiplace chamber.

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