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Inorg Chem. 2006 May 15;45(10):3864-77.

Thallophilic interactions in aryloxide compounds: the [Tl2(mu2-OAr)4] structural motif in (TlOAr)4 and Tl2Cu(OAr)4 compounds.

Author information

Chemistry Department, Barnard College, 3009 Broadway, New York, New York 10027, USA.


Two thallium aryloxide compounds TlOC6F5 (TlOAr(F)) and bis-3,5-TlOC6H3(CF3)2 (TlOAr') have been recrystallized from THF and crystallographically characterized in different isomeric forms. The latter compound forms a solvated tetrameric cubane, [TlOAr']4.THF, 1. The TlOAr(F) compound crystallized with a similar stoichiometry, [TlOAr(F)]4.2 THF, 2, but contains a [Tl2(mu2-OAr(F))4] unit that includes a thallophilic interaction at a distance of 3.5943(15) angstroms. Solution 205Tl and 203Tl NMR studies of 1 and 2 support the retention of a cubane structure for 1 in solution and suggest a similar structure for 2 with coupled thallium centers down to -90 degrees C. Fluorescence spectroscopy data for both compounds 1 and 2 in THF are consistent with LMCT. DFT calculations of 1, 2, and three models of the [Tl2(mu2-OAr(F))4] unit show a bonding overlap of the bridged thallium atoms in 2 and are also used to describe the bonding in 1. The structures of two heterobimetallic compounds, Tl2Cu(OAr(F))4, 4, and Tl2Cu(OAr')4, 5, with the [Tl2(mu2-OAr(F))4] structural motif and thallophilic contacts of 3.86(6) and 3.564(1) angstroms, respectively, are described. The crystal structures of the unsolvated of TlOAr(F), 2b, solvated heterobimetallic derivative Tl2Cu(OAr')4.2THF, 5b, and the monomeric (18-crown-6)TlOAr(F), 3, and 205Tl NMR spectra of TlOC6H5, 6, are also reported for comparison purposes.

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