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J Med Virol. 1991 Dec;35(4):290-6.

Frequent isolation of intertypic poliovirus recombinants with serotype 2 specificity from vaccine-associated polio cases.

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A.N. Belozersky Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Bioorganic Chemistry, Moscow State University, USSR.


Five representatives from a collection of 21 Sabin type 2-like poliovirus strains isolated from paralytic poliomyelitis cases in two regions of the USSR have been subjected to limited nucleotide sequencing. All proved to be intertypic recombinants having the genes encoding capsid proteins of Sabin 2 origin and a 3'-end portion of the genome derived from either type 1 (3 isolates) or type 3 (2 isolates) Sabin strains. The crossover points in all the 5 genomes have been mapped to different loci of the P3 region. At least 6 additional isolates from the same collection (and 2 isolates from healthy contacts), appeared to have a type 2/type 1 recombinant genome, as judged by oligonucleotide mapping. The biological significance of frequent occurrence of recombinants among field isolates of vaccine-related strains is discussed.

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