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Plant Physiol. 1985 Feb;77(2):379-81.

Regulation of NO(3) Influx in Barley : Studies Using NO(3).

Author information

University of British Columbia, Department of Botany, No. 3529 at 6270 University Boulevard, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6T 2B1, Canada.


Short-term (10 minutes) measurements of plasmalemma NO(3) (-) influx (phi(oc)) into roots of intact barley plants were obtained using (13)NO(3) (-). In plants grown for 4 days at various NO(3) (-) levels (0.1, 0.2, 0.5 millimolar), phi(oc) was found to be independent of the level of NO(3) (-) pretreatment. Similarly, pretreatment with Cl(-) had no effect upon plasmalemma (13)NO(3) (-) influx. Plants grown in the complete absence of (13)NO(3) (-) (in CaSO(4) solutions) subsequently revealed influx values which were more than 50% lower than for plants grown in NO(3) (-). Based upon the documented effects of NO(3) (-) or Cl(-) pretreatments on net uptake of NO(3) (-), these observations suggest that negative feedback from vacuolar NO(3) (-) and/or Cl(-) acts at the tonoplast but not at the plasmalemma. When included in the influx medium, 0.5 millimolar Cl(-) was without effect upon (13)NO(3) (-) influx, but NH(4) (+) caused approximately 50% reduction of influx at this concentration.

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