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Plant Physiol. 1983 Feb;71(2):425-31.

Photosynthesis of Grass Species Differing in Carbon Dioxide Fixation Pathways : VIII. Ultrastructural Characteristics of Panicum Species in the Laxa Group.

Author information

  • 1Department of Agronomy, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia 30602.


Ultrastructural studies of leaves of seven Panicum species in or closely related to the Laxa group and classified as C(3), C(4) or C(3)-C(4) intermediate were undertaken to examine features associated with C(3) and C(4) photosynthesis. The C(3) species Panicum rivulare Trin. had few organelles in bundle sheath cell profiles (2 chloroplasts, 1.1 mitochondria, and 0.3 peroxisomes per cell section) compared to an average of 10.6 chloroplasts, 17.7 mitochondria, and 3.2 peroxisomes per bundle sheath cell profile for three C(3)-C(4) species, Panicum milioides Nees ex Trin., Panicum decipiens Nees ex Trin. and Panicum schenckii Hack. However, two other C(3) species, Panicum laxum Sw. and Panicum hylaeicum Mez, contained about 0.7, 0.5, and 0.3 as many chloroplasts, mitochondria, and peroxisomes, respectively, as in bundle sheath cell profiles of the C(3)-C(4) species. Chloroplasts and mitochondria in bundle sheath cells were larger than those in mesophyll cells for the C(4) species Panicum prionitis Griseb. and the C(3)-C(4) species, but in C(3) species the organelles were similar in size or were smaller in the bundle sheath cells. The C(3)-C(4) species and P. laxum and P. hylaeicum exhibited an unusually close association of organelles in bundle sheath cells with mitochondria frequently surrounded in profile by chloroplasts. The high concentrations in bundle sheath cells of somewhat larger organelles than in mesophyll cells correlates with the reduced photorespiration of the C(3)-C(4) species.

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