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Vaccine. 2006 Jun 29;24(26):5426-33. Epub 2006 Mar 31.

A soluble LAG-3 protein as an immunopotentiator for therapeutic vaccines: Preclinical evaluation of IMP321.

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Immutep S.A., Parc Club Orsay, 2 Rue Jean Rostand 91893 Orsay, France.


A soluble LAG-3 (CD223) molecule (sLAG-3) is a natural high affinity ligand for MHC class II. It is known to induce maturation of monocyte-derived dendritic cells in vitro and is used as a vaccine adjuvant to induce CD4 Th1 and CD8 T cell responses in vivo. The work presented herein was performed to study the biological activity of a preclinical grade human sLAG-3 protein, called IMP321: (i) binding on murine APC, (ii) induction of dendritic cell maturation, (iii) safety of repeated injections in mice. The results show that IMP321 binds MHC class II(+) murine APC, induces the maturation of dendritic cells and is well tolerated either injected alone or as an adjuvant with strongly immunogenic antigens.

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