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Physiol Behav. 1991 Jun;49(6):1181-3.

Allylglycine-induced seizures in male and female rats.

Author information

Department of Psychology, University of New Orleans, Lakefront, LA 70148.


The possibility that a sex difference in gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) activity might be an underlying cause of the previously reported sex differences in picrotoxin-induced seizures was investigated. Male and female rats were injected (IP) with the GABA antagonist, L-allylglycine (100, 150, 200, or 250 mg/kg), and observed for behavioral signs of five categories of seizures induced by picrotoxin: myoclonic, focal, generalized tonic extension, generalized clonic, and generalized seizures with tonic and clonic components. The latency to the first occurrence of each seizure category was scored. Of the five categories of seizures investigated, only focal and generalized tonic extension seizures were observed after allylglycine in the doses tested. Female rats were significantly more susceptible than male rats to allylglycine-induced focal (p less than 0.007) and generalized tonic extension (p less than 0.05) seizures. The results suggest that male-female differences in presynaptic GABA activity may have relevance for sex differences in the occurrence of focal and tonic extension seizures. Differences in the seizure profiles associated with allylglycine and picrotoxin suggests that pre- and postsynaptic antagonism of GABA activity may have different consequences for specific seizure categories and the sex differences associated with those categories.

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