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Virus Genes. 2006 Feb;32(1):97-103.

European and American subgroup C isolates of avian metapneumovirus belong to different genetic lineages.

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French Agency for Food Safety (AFSSA), Avian and Rabbit Virology Immunology and parasitology Unit (VIPAC), BP53, 22440, Ploufragan, France.


The gene encoding the attachment glycoprotein (G) was sequenced in three French isolates of-subgroup C avian metapneumovirus (APV-C) from ducks. With 1771 nt, this gene proved as long as recently published for North-American APV-C isolates from turkeys. The nt sequences of the duck viruses shared 99% identity but proved only 75-83% identical with their North-American counterparts, viruses of both origins encoding 585 amino acid (aa)-long G proteins. Alignments revealed more homogeneity within the European and North-American groups (at least 98 and 79% aa identity, respectively) than between European and North-American viruses (at best 70% a identity), and confirmed the presence of an extracellular divergent domain (positions 302-484) in APV-C G. A phylogenetic analysis demonstrated that North-American and French isolates of APV-C belonged to significantly different genetic lineages, in agreement with the different geographical origin and host species of these viruses.

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