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J Proteome Res. 2006 Mar;5(3):619-24.

InSilicoSpectro: an open-source proteomics library.

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Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences at Hagenberg, Bioinformatics Department, Hauptstrasse 117, A-4232 Hagenberg, Austria.


We present a new proteomics open-source project, InSilicoSpectro, aimed at implementing recurrent computations that are necessary for proteomics data analysis. Illustrative examples are mass list file format conversions, protein sequence digestion, theoretical peptide and fragment mass computations, graphical display, matching with experimental data, isoelectric point estimation, and peptide retention time prediction. The project library is written in Perl, a widely used scripting language in bioinformatics, and it offers a unique framework of integrated objects to implement complex proteomics data analyses. For instance, only a few lines of code are required to digest a protein with fixed and variable modifications, label peptides with 18O, compute the fragmentation spectra and display their match with experimental spectra. We believe that InSilicoSpectro will be of great help to bioinformaticians, without detailed knowledge of proteomics specifics, and to mass spectrometrists with computer programming interest as well.

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