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Methods Mol Med. 2006;123:209-16.

Assessment of cannabis craving using the Marijuana Craving Questionnaire.

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Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Branch, National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health, Baltimore, MD, USA.


Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in the United States, with 14.6 million current users. Cannabis-dependent individuals presenting for treatment typically report cannabis craving; however, the phenomenon has received little research attention. In the absence of a valid, multidimensional questionnaire to assess cannabis craving, we developed the Marijuana Craving Questionnaire (MCQ). The MCQ consists of four constructs or factors that characterize cannabis craving: compulsivity, emotionality, expectancy, and purposefulness. A separate score is calculated for each factor. The MCQ can be used to measure cue-elicited craving in a research setting or natural craving in cannabis-dependent individuals presenting for treatment. Either the 47-item or 12-item version can be used, and standardized instructions for completion of the MCQ should be given. The MCQ can be administered using a paper and pencil form or a computerized version. In a research setting, the MCQ should be administered immediately after cue presentation and repeated frequently to capture the full time course. In a treatment setting, the MCQ should be administered at intake and during and at the end of treatment.

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