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Can J Biochem. 1975 Mar;53(3):354-63.

Rat liver nuclerar protein kinases.


We have shown that nuclei isolated by two methods contain grossly different amounts of cyclic AMP-dependent histone kinase activity. Repeated washing of the isolated nuclei with a low ionic strength buffer removed the majority of the cyclic AMP-dependent histone kinase and cyclic AMP binding activity. Nuclear cyclic AMP-dependent histone kinase activity accounted for only 0.42% of the total cytoplasmic enzyme activity. Similarly, the lactate dehydrogenase activity associated with liver nuclei represented only 0.07% of the total cytoplasmic activity. The isolated liver nuclei contained only 0.27% of the total homogenate glutamate dehydrogenase activity and 1.7%of the total homogenate glucose-6-phosphatase activity. The cyclic AMP-dependent histone kinase behaves as a cytoplasmic rather than a nuclear enzyme. We have also shown that using crude extracts, one can achieve separation of the two nuclear casein kinases, NI and NII, on sucrose density gradients in the presence of 0.5M NaCl. Nuclear casein kinases NI and NII had sedimentation coefficients of 3.0 and 593 S, respectively, in the presence of 0.5 M NaCl. Under conditions of low ionic strength, all of the casein kinase activity in the crude nuclear extract sedimented as one peak with a seminentation coefficient of 7.3 S. The aggregation-disaggregation which occurred in the crude extract was reversible and was mainly due to the aggregative and disaggregative properties of casein kinase NII. The two nuclear casein kinases have different affinities for chromatin. When nuclei were disrupted in a hypotonic solution and extracted with a buffercontaining 0.14 M NaCl, casein kinase NII could be completely extracted from the viscous nuclear material. Although a significant amount of casein kinase NI was extracted by the buffer containing 0.14 M NaCl, re-extraction of the nuclear material with a buffer containing 0.5 M NaCl yielded substantial amounts of casein kinase NI, and a final extraction with a buffer containing 1.0 M NaCl yielded measurable amounts of casein kinase NI. No casein kinase NII activity could be detected in the 0.5 M and 1.0M NaCl extracts.

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