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Mol Plant Microbe Interact. 2005 Dec;18(12):1285-95.

GmCOI1, a soybean F-box protein gene, shows ability to mediate jasmonate-regulated plant defense and fertility in Arabidopsis.

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Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, 61 Biopolis drive, 138673 Singapore.


The F-box protein gene COI1 from Arabidopsis plays a fundamental role in response to jasmonates, which regulate plant root growth, pollen fertility, wounding and healing, and defense against pathogens and insects. Null mutations in COI1 were previously found to abolish all the jasmonate responses, and the Arabidopsis coil-1 mutant is male sterile and susceptible to pathogen infection. In this study, we isolated an F-box protein gene from soybean, which shares significant homology with the Arabidopsis COI1 and similarly contains an F-box motif and leucine rich repeats (LRR), here designated GmCOI1 (Glycine max L. (Merr.) COI1). To test whether the sequence homology and structural similarity are indicative of functional conservation, we expressed GmCOI1 in the Arabidopsis coil-1 mutant. The transgenic coil-1 plants with expression of the GmCOI1 gene were found to exhibit normal jasmonate responses, including jasmonate-regulated plant defense and fertility. In addition, the chimerical proteins with swapped domain of the F-box motif or LRR between GmCOI1 and COI1 were shown to functionally complement the coil-1 mutation. Furthermore, GmCOI1 was found to assemble into the Skpl-Cullin-F-box (SCF) complexes, similar to the formation of the Arabidopsis SCF(COO1). These data demonstrate the soybean F-box protein gene GmCOI1 is able to mediate jasmonate-regulated plant defense and fertility in Arabidopsis, which implies a generic jasmonate pathway with conserved signal components in different plant species.

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