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J Biol Chem. 2006 Jun 2;281(22):15029-32. Epub 2006 Feb 8.

The chromosome replication machinery of the archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus.

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MRC Cancer Cell Unit, Hutchison/Medical Research Council Research Centre, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 2XZ, United Kingdom.


In the three domains of life, the archaea, bacteria, and eukarya, there are two general lineages of DNA replication proteins: the bacterial and the eukaryal/archaeal lineages. The hyperthermophilic archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus provides an attractive model for biochemical study of DNA replication. Its relative simplicity in both genomic and biochemical contexts, together with high protein thermostability, has already provided insight into the function of the more complex yet homologous molecules of the eukaryotic domain. Here, we provide an overview of recent insights into the functioning of the chromosome replication machinery of S. solfataricus, focusing on some of the relatively well characterized core components that act at the DNA replication fork.

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