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EMBO J. 1987 May;6(5):1155-9.

Expression of a tuber-specific storage protein in transgenic tobacco plants: demonstration of an esterase activity.

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Max-Planck-Institut für Züchtungsforschung, 5000 Köln 30, FRG.


A chimaeric gene composed of the 5' upstream region of STLS1, a leaf/stem specifically expressed gene from Solanum tuberosum, and the RNA-coding as well as the 3' downstream region of patatin, the major storage protein of potato tubers, has been transferred into tobacco plants using the Agrobacterium system. The introduction of this gene led to a leaf/stem specific expression of a 42-kd large protein which immunocrossreacts with patatin antiserum. Only low amounts of immunoreacting protein of smaller size could be detected in transgenic tobacco leaves indicating that the patatin protein is fairly stable in this heterologous environment. The size of the protein as well as the size of the RNA detected in transgenic tobacco leaves using a patatin-specific probe indicates that the patatin RNA was accurately processed in both leaf and stem tissue of tobacco. The expression of the patatin gene led to the appearance of a new esterase activity in the transformed tobacco which co-migrated with a protein immunoreacting with patatin antiserum. These data therefore demonstrate that patatin in addition to serving as a storage protein displays an enzymatic activity.


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