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J Gen Virol. 2006 Feb;87(Pt 2):387-94.

Identification and genome characterization of Heliothis armigera cypovirus types 5 and 14 and Heliothis assulta cypovirus type 14.

Author information

Laboratory of Insect Virology, College of Life Sciences, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072, China.


Genomic characterization of Heliothis armigera cypovirus (HaCPV) isolated from China showed that insects were co-infected with several cypoviruses (CPVs). One of the CPVs (HaCPV-5) could be separated from the others by changing the rearing conditions of the Heliothis armigera larvae. This finding was further confirmed by nucleotide sequencing analysis. Genomic sequences of segments S10-S7 from HaCPV-14, S10 and S7 from HaCPV-5, and S10 from Heliothis assulta CPV-14 were compared. Results from database searches showed that the nucleotide sequences and deduced amino acid sequences of the newly identified CPVs had high levels of identity with those of reported CPVs of the same type, but not with CPVs of different types. Putative amino acid sequences of HaCPV-5 S7 were similar to that of the protein from Rice ragged stunt virus (genus Oryzavirus, family Reoviridae), suggesting that CPVs and oryzaviruses are related more closely than other genera of the family Reoviridae. Conserved motifs were also identified at the ends of each RNA segment of the same virus type: type 14, 5'-AGAAUUU...CAGCU-3'; and type 5, 5'-AGUU...UUGC-3'. Our results are consistent with classification of CPV types based on the electrophoretic patterns of CPV double-stranded RNA.

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