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Langmuir. 2006 Jan 31;22(3):1143-9.

Adsorbed layer structure of cationic gemini and corresponding monomeric surfactants on mica.

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School of Chemistry, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia.


We report a comprehensive study of the adsorbed layer morphologies of cationic gemini surfactants of the type dodecanediyl-alpha,omega-bis(dimethylalkylammonium bromide) and their corresponding monomers, dimethyldodecylalkylammonium bromide, on mica using atomic force microscopy soft-contact imaging. As in the bulk, aggregate curvature of the adsorbed geminis is found to increase with increasing spacer length, but the adsorbed aggregate curvature also increases in the presence of CsCl and CsBr. The monomeric surfactants exhibit an unexpected transition from globular adsorbed aggregates to a bilayer when the alkyl side chain reaches butyl, and this transition is also sensitive to added electrolyte.


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