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Dig Dis Sci. 2006 Jan;51(1):27-30.

Effects of esophageal varice eradication on portal hypertensive gastropathy and fundal varices: a retrospective and comparative study.

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Department of Gastroenterology, Numune Hospital, Ankara, Turkey.


Esophageal varice eradication results in gastric hemodynamic changes. The aim of this study was to detect the influence of variceal eradication on portal hypertensive gastropathy (PHG) and fundal varices and to compare the results of two therapeutic methods (endoscopic variceal ligation and endoscopic sclerotherapy). A total of 114 consecutive patients with cirrhosis and portal hypertension who underwent elective endoscopic variceal ligation (EVL) (85 patients) or endoscopic sclerotherapy (EST) (29 patients) for obliteration of esophageal varices were selected for this study. Both groups were compared for PHG and fundal varice formation before and after eradication. Fifty-eight (68.2%) patients in the EVL and 18 (62.1%) patients in the EST group had PHG before esophageal varice eradication (P > 0.05). PHG grade after eradication of esophageal varices by both EVL and EST was significantly higher compared to pre-eradication. PHG grade and aggregation were similar in both groups. Thirty-seven patients (34 F(1), 3 F(2)) in the EVL group and 13 patients (10 F(1), 3 F(2)) in the EST group had fundal varices before variceal eradication (P > 0.05). Fundal varices were detected in 46 (35 F(1), 11F(2)) and 19 (11F(1), 8F(2)) patients in the EVL and EST groups after eradication, respectively. There was a statistically significant increment in occurrence of fundal varices after eradication with EVL and EST groups. There was no significant difference regarding fundal varice development after esophageal variceal eradication in both groups. After varical eradication, PHG was found in 57 (87.7%) and 39 (79.6%) patients with and without fundal varices, respectively (P > 0.05). Esophageal eradication with EVL and EST increases both the incidence and the severity of PHG and fundal varice formation. Both methods have comparable influences on PHG and fundal varices.

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