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J Oral Rehabil. 2006 Jan;33(1):8-16.

Effect of palate covering on bolus-propulsion time and its contributory factors.

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Department of Complete Denture Prosthodontics, Tokyo Dental College, Chiba, Japan.


The aim of this study was first to investigate whether the covering of the palatal mucosa with a denture base affects or not the bolus-propulsion time, and second if there was such an effect then investigate the possible contributory factors which have influence on the propulsion time. The propulsion time was measured in 21 young normal edentulous subjects under five different conditions: a complete palatal covering, non-covered palate, anterior palatal covering, posterior palatal covering and surface anaesthetized palate. As possible contributory factors palatal morphometric parameters, as well as tongue pressure were also measured. The data were analysed on the following way: changes when the palate was complete covered and non-covered, effects of sensation reduction after topic anaesthesia, effects of differences in the covering site, effects of palatal morphometric parameters and effects of tongue pressure. Ten subjects exhibited significant differences in the propulsion time when comparing the data between the complete palatal covering and the non-covered palate condition (change group). Eleven subjects did not show changes (unchanged group). Effects in the propulsion time were also recognized with posterior palatal covering-palate and superficially anaesthetized palate. With regard to the tongue pressure, significant differences during swallowing were observed. These results indicated that the bolus propulsion time into the oropharynx was affected by the palatal covering in some subjects. Moreover, the sensation in the posterior region of the hard palate, as well as the tongue pressure were also factors which affected the propulsion time during swallowing.

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