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Curr Med Res Opin. 2006 Jan;22(1):121-9.

Evaluation of the costs and outcomes from changes in risk factors in type 2 diabetes using the Cardiff stochastic simulation cost-utility model (DiabForecaster).

Author information

School of Mathematics, Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales, UK.



The aim of this study was to determine the mean costs and outcomes associated with modifiable risk factors in patients with type 2 diabetes and to determine equivalent changes to these risk factors in terms of financial costs and health outcomes.


The Cardiff Stochastic Simulation Cost-Utility Model (DiabForecaster), which evolved from the Eastman model, was used to follow a cohort of 10 000 patients over 20 years.


Costs were affected most significantly by changes in the total cholesterol to HDL cholesterol (Total-C:HDL-C) ratio and in HbA(1c). Unit increases in Total-C:HDL-C increased discounted costs by pound 200 per patient; for ratios > 8 units, unit increases led to cost increases of pound 300 per patient. Unit increases in HbA(1c) increased per patient discounted costs from pound 200 (5-6%) up to pound 2900 (10-11%). Similar patterns were observed for QALYs. Estimates of equivalence showed that a 1% reduction in HbA(1c) was equivalent to an 0.4 increment in QALYs, which was equivalent to a reduction of 44 mmHg in SBP, 18.2 mg/dL in HDL, 100 mg/dL in total cholesterol or 1.8 units of Total-C:HDL-C ratio. A 1% reduction in HbA(1c) was also equivalent to pound 108 less cost, which was equivalent to a 13.0 mmHg decrease in SBP or a 0.57 unit decrease in the Total-C:HDL-C ratio.


This model provides reliable utility estimates for diabetic complications and may eliminate uncertainty in cost-effectiveness analyses of treatment. These data also provide a novel way of comparing the value of treatments that have multiple effects.

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