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Eur J Cell Biol. 1992 Feb;57(1):88-94.

Role of cytoskeleton in cell shaping of developing mesophyll of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.).

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Institut für Allgemeine Botanik, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz, Deutschland.


The effects of oryzalin and cytochalasin B (CB) on microtubule and actin microfilament arrays and on cell shaping were investigated in developing wheat mesophyll. Excised immature leaf sections capable of differentiating were incubated with the drugs. The behavior of the cytoskeleton was monitored by fluorescence microscopy after labeling with fluorescent dyes. Brief incubation with oryzalin (40 min, 10 microM) caused disassembly of microtubules. Recovery of microtubule arrays was comparatively slow after removal of the drug. Cells failed to establish transverse cortical bands of microtubules and transverse hoops of wall reinforcement. They expanded isodiametrically rather than longitudinally without forming lobes typical of wheat mesophyll cells. Brief treatment with CB (60 min, 20 micrograms ml-1) appeared to disrupt the microfilament arrays. Filaments recovered rapidly after removal of CB, and cells were able to shape in an apparently normal fashion. Continuous incubation at comparatively low concentration of CB (4 micrograms ml-1) appeared to cause selective loss of the fine transverse cortical microfilament arrays. Cortical transverse microtubule arrays persisted, but failed to form distinct bands in the majority of the cells. Cells were able to elongate in an almost normal fashion, but no lobes were formed.

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