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J Bacteriol. 1975 Mar;121(3):747-52.

Isolation of a catabolite repression mutant of yeast as a revertant of a strain that is maltose negative in the respiratory-deficient state.


A character originating from Saccharomyces cerevisiae 1403-7A is described which interferes with maltose growth in the respiratory-deficient state. This character is inherited in an apparently non-Mendelian way, but at present no statement can be made concerning the localization of this character on a plasmid or the involvement of multiple genes. As a revertant of this character, a flaky mutant was isolated, showing a heavy flocculation during growth on liquid medium and resistance to catabolite repression for maltase, alpha-methyl-glucosidase, invertase, and succinate dehydrogenase. In wild-type cells, repression (caused by growth on 2% glucose) and derepression (caused by growth on 2% galactose) can be correlated with a lower and a higher level of cyclic 3',5'-adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), respectively. In cells of flaky mutant, growth on these carbon sources results in the same levels of cAMP as observed for the wild type. Consequently, in this mutant derepression in the presence of 2% glucose is not reflected in a higher level of cAMP.

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