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Cancer Sci. 2005 Dec;96(12):889-96.

Therapeutic effect of alpha-galactosylceramide-loaded dendritic cells genetically engineered to express SLC/CCL21 along with tumor antigen against peritoneally disseminated tumor cells.

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Department of Immunogenetics, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kumamoto University, 1-1-1 Honjo, Kumamoto 860-8556, Japan.


The close cooperation of both innate and acquired immunity is essential for the induction of truly effective antitumor immunity. We tested a strategy to enhance the cross-talk between NKT cells and conventional antigen-specific T cells with the use of alpha GalCer-loaded dendritic cells genetically engineered to express antigen plus chemokine, attracting both conventional T cells and NKT cells. DC genetically engineered to express a model antigen, OVA, along with SLC/CCL21 or monokine induced by IFN-gamma/CXCL9, had been generated using a method based on in vitro differentiation of DC from mouse ES cells. The ES-DC were loaded with alpha-GalCer and transferred to mice bearing MO4, an OVA-expressing melanoma, and their capacity to evoke antitumor immunity was evaluated. In vivo transfer of either OVA-expressing ES-DC, stimulating OVA-reactive T cells, or alpha-GalCer-loaded non-transfectant ES-DC, stimulating NKT cells, elicited a significant but limited degree of protection against the i.p. disseminated MO4. A more potent antitumor effect was observed when alpha-GalCer was loaded to ES-DC expressing OVA before in vivo transfer, and the effect was abrogated by the administration of anti-CD8, anti-NK1.1 or anti-asialo GM1 antibody. alpha-GalCer-loaded double transfectant ES-DC expressing SLC along with OVA induced the most potent antitumor immunity. Thus, alpha-GalCer-loaded ES-DC expressing tumor-associated antigen along with SLC can stimulate multiple subsets of effector cells to induce a potent therapeutic effect against peritoneally disseminated tumor cells. The present study suggests a novel way to use alpha-GalCer in immunotherapy for peritoneally.

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