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J Am Chem Soc. 2005 Nov 30;127(47):16641-51.

A photocycle for hydrogen production from two-electron mixed-valence complexes.

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Department of Chemistry, 6-335, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139-4307, USA.


Dihydrides of the formula Rh2(II,II)(tfepma)3H2Cl2 (tfepma = (bis[bis(trifluoroethoxy)phosphino]methylamine, MeN(P[OCH2CF3]2)2), have been prepared by the addition of H2 to the two-electron mixed-valence complex, Rh2(0,II)(tfepma)3Cl2 (1). Three isomeric forms with hydrides in syn (2), anti (3), and cis (4) conformations have been characterized by X-ray diffraction. Photolysis of 2 results in prompt formation of a short-lived blue photoproduct (lambda(max) = 600 nm) and a stoichiometric quantity of H2, as determined by Toepler pump and isotopic labeling experiments. The blue photoproduct was identified as a Rh2(I,I) complex resulting from the reductive elimination of H2, as determined from the examination of bimetallic cores coordinated by tfepm (tfepm = (bis[bis(trifluoroethoxy)phosphino]methane, CH2(P[OCH2CF3]2)2), for which complexes of the formula M2(I,I)(tfepm)3Cl2 (5, M = Rh and 6, M = Ir) have been isolated. The d8...d8 dimer of 5 converts to Rh2(0,II)(tfepm)3Cl2CN(t)Bu (8) upon the addition of 1 equiv of tert-butylisonitrile, a result of halogen migration and disproportionation of the valence symmetric core of 5, which is structurally compared to its two-electron mixed-valence analogue, Rh2(0,II)(dfpma)3Cl2CN(t)Bu (9) (dfpma = bis(difluorophosphino)methylamine, MeN(PF2)2). The halogen migration is captured in Ir2(I,I)(tfepm)3(mu-Cl)Cl (7), which is distinguished by the presence of a chloride that bridges the diiridium centers. Taken together, complexes 1-9 permit the construction of a complete photocycle for the photogeneration of H2 by dirhodium dfpma complexes in homogeneous solutions of hydrohalic acids.


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