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J Virol. 1992 Aug;66(8):5127-32.

Bipartite signal for read-through suppression in murine leukemia virus mRNA: an eight-nucleotide purine-rich sequence immediately downstream of the gag termination codon followed by an RNA pseudoknot.

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Laboratory of Molecular Virology and Carcinogenesis, NCI-Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center, Maryland 21702.


The pol gene of murine leukemia virus and other mammalian type C retroviruses is expressed by read-through suppression of an in-frame UAG codon which separates the gag and pol coding regions. In this study, we have analyzed the sequence requirements for read-through suppression by placing different portions of wild-type and mutant viral sequences from the gag-pol junction between reporter genes and testing transcripts of these constructs for suppression in reticulocyte lysates. We find that the read-through signal is contained within the first 57 nucleotides on the 3' side of the UAG codon. Our results indicate that the identities of six conserved bases in the eight-nucleotide, purine-rich sequence immediately downstream of the UAG codon are critical for suppression, as is the existence of a pseudoknot structure spanning the next 49 nucleotides. Thus, read-through suppression depends on a complex, bipartite signal in the mRNA.

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