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J Org Chem. 2005 Nov 25;70(24):9990-6.

Chemoenzymatic synthesis of HIV-1 V3 glycopeptides carrying two N-glycans and effects of glycosylation on the peptide domain.

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Institute of Human Virology and Medical Biotechnology Center, University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, University of Maryland, 725 W. Lombard Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201, USA.


[structure: see text] A highly efficient chemoenzymatic synthesis of HIV-1 V3 domain glycopeptides carrying two N-linked core tri- and pentasaccharides was achieved. The synthesis consisted of two key steps: a solid-phase synthesis of the cyclic, 47-mer V3 domain peptide containing two GlcNAc residues and a novel endoglycosidase-catalyzed transglycosylation that simultaneously added two N-glycan moieties to the peptide precursor from the oligosaccharide oxazoline donor substrates. The availability of the synthetic glycopeptides allowed the probing of the effects of glycosylation on the HIV-1 V3 domain. It was demonstrated that glycosylation influenced the global conformations of the V3 domain and provided protection of the V3 domain against protease digestion.

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