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Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 1977 Mar 21;277(955):235-43.

The assembly of the synaptinemal complex.


The assembly of the synaptinemal complex in the ascomycete Neottiella was studied by three-dimensional reconstruction of a late zygotene nucleus. A single banded lateral component is formed between the two sister chromatids of each homologous chromosome prior to their pairing. The central regions are pre-assembled in organized form in folds of the granular part of the nucleolus and then converted into an amorphous transport form. The latter appears to move through the nucleoplasm to sites between the lateral components of synapsing homologous chromosomes. The central region material is reorganized into blocks with a recognizable central component and attached to one lateral component. The last step in the completion of the synaptinemal complex is the association of the free surface of the organized central region with the corresponding segment of the homologous lateral component. The findings are discussed in relation to mechanisms of chromosome pairing and chiasma formation.

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