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J Anim Sci. 2005 Dec;83(12):2876-85.

Effects of spray-dried animal plasma and immunoglobulins on performance of early weaned pigs.

Author information

Department of Animal and Food Sciences, University of Kentucky, Lexington, 40546, USA.


Five experiments were conducted to evaluate the effects of dietary spray-dried porcine plasma (SDPP) and spray-dried bovine plasma (SDBP) and their various molecular weight fractions on performance of pigs weaned at approximately 14 or 21 d of age. In addition, the efficacy of various levels of the immunoglobulin G (IgG)-rich fraction of SDPP and SDBP were evaluated. Experiment 1 evaluated the dietary addition of SDPP and three of its fractions (IgG-rich, albumin-rich, and low molecular weight fractions). Pigs fed SDPP grew faster and consumed more feed than the controls during the first week (P < 0.05). The IgG-rich fraction resulted in improvements in ADG and ADFI that were similar to those of pigs fed SDPP. The albumin-rich fraction had no effect on growth rate, but the low molecular weight fraction decreased feed intake as well as growth rate. Experiments 2 and 3 evaluated SDPP and graded levels of its IgG-rich fraction in pigs weaned at 21 or 14 d, respectively. In Exp. 2, pigs fed SDPP grew faster and consumed more feed than the controls during the first week (P < 0.05). Pig performance was enhanced with the addition of the IgG-rich fraction that provided 80% of the amount of IgG in the SDPP diet. In Exp. 3, there was no response to SDPP during the first week, but a positive growth response to SDPP (P < 0.01) occurred by the end of wk 2 (0 to 14 d). Feeding the IgG-rich fraction increased growth rate compared with controls (P < 0.05). Over the entire experiment, the greatest ADG occurred with the IgG-rich fraction that provided 128% of the amount of IgG provided by SDPP (quadratic; P < 0.05). Two additional experiments assessed feeding SDBP and bovine IgG-rich fractions to early weaned pigs. In Exp. 4, SDPP was superior to SDBP in stimulating growth and feed intake, but this difference did not occur in Exp. 5. In both experiments, the IgG fraction of bovine plasma seemed to be as effective at improving growth as SDPP and more effective than SDBP. The results indicate that both porcine and bovine plasma are beneficial to young pig performance during the first week after weaning and that the IgG fraction of plasma is the component that is responsible for the enhancement in growth rate and feed intake.

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