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Immunity. 2005 Oct;23(4):397-407.

Perisinusoidal B cells in the bone marrow participate in T-independent responses to blood-borne microbes.

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Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts 02129, USA.


Mature recirculating B cells are generally assumed to exist in follicular niches in secondary lymphoid organs, and these cells mediate T-dependent humoral immune responses. We show here that a large proportion of mature B lymphocytes occupy an anatomically and functionally distinct perisinusoidal niche in the bone marrow. Perisinusoidal B cells circulate freely, as revealed by parabiosis studies. However, unlike their counterparts in the follicular niche, these cells are capable of being activated in situ by blood-borne microbes in a T-independent manner to generate specific IgM antibodies. The bone marrow represents a unique type of secondary lymphoid organ in which mature B cells are strategically positioned in the path of circulating microbes.

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