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Am J Physiol. 1992 Jun;262(6 Pt 2):R975-80.

Individual, but not simultaneous, glucagon and cholecystokinin infusions inhibit feeding in men.

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Department of Psychology, Columbia University, New York, New York.


Pancreatic glucagon and cholecystokinin octapeptide (CCK-8) were intravenously infused (1 ml/min for 10 min) alone or in combination beginning 15 min after normal-weight men had eaten a 500-ml tomato soup preload and 5 min before they were served a lunch of macaroni and beef with tomato sauce. Infusion of approximately 3 glucagon or approximately 2 CCK-8 each reduced test meal size. However, simultaneous infusion of these peptide doses reduced meal size less than the sum of the peptides' individual effects. Infusions of approximately 1.5 glucagon or approximately 1 CCK-8 had neither individual nor interactive effects on meal size. Psychophysical ratings failed to detect nonspecific side effects after any of the infusions. That exogenous glucagon and CCK-8 each reduced meal size without side effects suggests that these peptides may participate in the physiological control of human appetite; that their simultaneous infusion resulted in an infra-additive reduction in meal size suggests that they can interact antagonistically.

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