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Infect Immun. 2005 Oct;73(10):6998-7005.

Characterization of the antibody response to the receptor binding domain of botulinum neurotoxin serotypes A and E.

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Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 53226, USA.


Clostridium botulinum neurotoxins (BoNTs) are the most toxic proteins for humans. The current clostridial-derived vaccines against BoNT intoxication have limitations including production and accessibility. Conditions were established to express the soluble receptor binding domain (heavy-chain receptor [HCR]) of BoNT serotypes A and E in Escherichia coli. Sera isolated from mice and rabbits immunized with recombinant HCR/A1 (rHCR/A1) from the classical type A-Hall strain (ATCC 3502) (BoNT/A1) and rHCR/E from BoNT serotype E Beluga (BoNT/E(B)) neutralized the homologous serotype of BoNT but displayed differences in cross-recognition and cross-protection. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and Western blotting showed that alpha-rHCR/A1 recognized epitopes within the C terminus of the HCR/A and HCR/E, while alpha-rHCR/E recognized epitopes within the N terminus or interface between the N and C termini of the HCR proteins. alpha-rHCR/E(B) sera possessed detectable neutralizing capacity for BoNT/A1, while alpha-rHCR/A1 did not neutralize BoNT/E. rHCR/A was an effective immunogen against BoNT/A1 and the Kyoto F infant strain (BoNT/A2), but not BoNT serotype E Alaska (BoNT/E(A)), while rHCR/E(B) neutralized BoNT/E(A), and under hyperimmunization conditions protected against BoNT/A1 and BoNT/A2. The protection elicited by rHCR/A1 to BoNT/A1 and BoNT/A2 and by rHCR/E(B) to BoNT/E(A) indicate that immunization with receptor binding domains elicit protection within sub-serotypes of BoNT. The protection elicited by hyperimmunization with rHCR/E against BoNT/A suggests the presence of common neutralizing epitopes between the serotypes E and A. These results show that a receptor binding domain subunit vaccine protects against serotype variants of BoNTs.

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