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Genetica. 2005 Sep;125(1):27-32.

Comparative molecular cytogenetic analysis of two congeneric species, Mugil curema and M. liza (Pisces, Mugiliformes), characterized by significant karyotype diversity.

Author information

Department of Animal and Human Biology, University of Rome I "La Sapienza", via A. Borelli 50, 00161 Rome, Italy.


Two congeneric mullet species, Mugil liza and M. curema, respectively with an all-uniarmed and an all-biarmed karyotype, were cytogenetically studied by base-specific fluorochrome staining and FISH-mapping of 45S and 5S ribosomal RNA genes (rDNA) and the (TTAGGG)(n) telomeric repeats. Whereas 45S rDNA sites might be homeologus in the two species, 5S rDNA sites are not, as they are localized on chromosome arms of different size. In both species, the (TTAGGG)(n) telomeric probe hybridized to natural telomeres and was found scattered along the NORs. In metacentric chromosomes of M. curema, no pericentromeric signals of the telomeric probe were detected. Data are discussed in relation to the karyotype evolution in Mugilidae and to the mechanisms and the evolutionary implications of Robertsonian rearrangements in M. curema.

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