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Exp Cell Res. 1992 Jul;201(1):1-7.

Species-specific recognition patterns of monoclonal antibodies directed against vimentin.

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Heinrich-Pette-Institut für Experimentelle Virologie und Immunologie, Universität Hamburg, Germany.


Two commercially available monoclonal antibodies raised against the intermediate filament protein vimentin were characterized concerning their species-specific reaction pattern on vertebrate cells. The antibody V9 exhibited extensive reactivity with vimentin of all mammalian species tested, but specifically did not detect vimentin in mouse cells and chicken fibroblasts. The antibody VIM 3B4 recognized vimentin in cells of chicken and most mammalian species, except for rodent species. Characterization of the binding site of VIM 3B4 on human vimentin by limited proteolysis and immunoblotting as well as by sequence comparison strongly suggested that the epitope is located in the coil 2 part of the vimentin rod domain. Site-directed mutagenesis of a mouse vimentin cDNA clone followed by in vivo expression showed that VIM 3B4 could detect rodent vimentin containing a single amino acid substitution (valine for leucine) at position 353 of the mouse vimentin sequence. Practical application for this finding was demonstrated by the unequivocal identification of a modified murine vimentin protein, distinct from the endogenous vimentin, in a cytoplasmic intermediate filament network in mouse skin fibroblasts transfected with a recombinant plasmid expression vector.

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