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J Invest Dermatol. 2005 Sep;125(3):575-9.

Prevalence of exon 15 BRAF mutations in primary melanoma of the superficial spreading, nodular, acral, and lentigo maligna subtypes.

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Duncan Guthrie Institute of Medical Genetics, Royal Hospital for Sick Children and University of Glasgow, UK.


DNA was extracted from 52 thick primary melanomas and mutations sought in exon 15 of the BRAF (v-raf murine sarcoma viral oncogene homolog B1) gene using denaturing high performance liquid chromatograph (dHPLC) fragment analysis, sequencing, and allele-specific PCR. Exon 15 BRAF mutations were found in 13 of 52 (25%) primary melanomas. These comprised five of 17 (29%) superficial spreading melanomas, three of 11 (27%) nodular melanomas, two of 13 (15%) acral lentiginous melanomas, one of one (100%) mucosal melanoma and two of 10 (20%) lentigo maligna melanomas. In common with other groups, our findings show a relative concentration of the exon 15 BRAF mutation in superficial spreading and nodular melanomas, but add further evidence that this mutation not necessary for malignant transformation of the melanocyte.

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