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Can J Microbiol. 2005 May;51(5):387-92.

Molecular analysis of Shigella boydii O1 O-antigen gene cluster and its PCR typing.

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TEDA School of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, Nankai University, Tianjin, PR China.


Shigella is an important human pathogen and is closely related to Escherichia coli. O-antigen is the most variable part of the lipopolysaccharide on the cell surface of Gram-negative bacteria and plays an important role in pathogenicity. The O-antigen gene cluster of S. boydii O1 was sequenced. The putative genes encoding enzymes for rhamnose synthesis, transferases, O-unit flippase, and O-unit polymerase were identified on the basis of homology. The O-antigen gene clusters of S. boydii O1 and E. coli O149, which share the same O-antigen form, were found to have the same genes and organization by adjacent gene PCR assay. Two genes specific for S. boydii O1 and E. coli O149 were identified by PCR screening against E. coli- and Shigella-type strains of the 186 known O-antigen forms and 39 E. coli clinical isolates. A PCR sensitivity of 103 to 104 CFU/mL overnight culture of S. boydii O1 and E. coli O149 was obtained. S. boydii O1 and E. coli O149 were differentiated by PCR using lacZ- and cadA-based primers.

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