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Phytochemistry. 2005 Oct;66(19):2316-23.

Polar acyclic diterpenoids from Bifurcaria bifurcata (Fucales, Phaeophyta).

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Laboratoire des Matériaux à Finalités Spécifiques (MFS), Equipe Chimie des Produits Naturels Marins, Université du Sud Toulon-Var, Avenue de l'Université, BP 20132, F-83957 La Garde cedex, France.


From the lipophilic extract of the brown alga Bifurcaria bifurcata collected off the Atlantic coast of Southern Brittany (Quiberon, France), five polar linear diterpenoids have been isolated. These metabolites have been identified as hydroxylated derivatives of 13-oxo- and 13-hydroxygeranylgeraniol. Their structures were characterized on the basis of chemical and spectral evidence including two-dimensional NMR experiments and mass spectrometric techniques. The absolute configuration of the 13-position has been determined, for the 13-hydroxygeranylgeraniol derivatives, to be R by means of a modified Mosher's method and therefore that of 13-hydroxygeranylgeraniol (eleganediol) has been revised. Along with these compounds, three related known geranylgeraniol derivatives were also identified, and these data were used for chemotaxonomical purposes.

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