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Clin Anat. 2005 Sep;18(6):404-8.

Pedicle dimensions of the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae in the Greek population.

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Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, A' Orthopaedic Department, Exohi, Greece.


The aim of this study is to understand the magnitude of the pedicle's diameters for the use of pedicle screw fixation in spinal instrumentation. Pedicle dimensions from T1 to L5 were measured in 16 whole human cadaver spines (eight women and eight men). The mean age at the time of death was 67.2 (range: 59-84 years). The external transverse, the external sagittal, and the internal transverse diameter pedicle widths were measured with electronic calipers both on the right and left pedicles. The widest external transverse diameter was at the L5 level with a mean of 13.61 mm (range: 10.29-16.20 mm). The narrowest external transverse pedicle diameter was at the T5 level with a mean of 5.09 mm (range: 4.10-6.88 mm). The widest external sagittal pedicle diameter was at the T11 level with a mean of 17.02 mm (range: 14.84-19.57 mm), while the narrowest one was at T1 level with a mean of 8.90 mm (range: 7.18-11.37 mm). The maximum internal transverse pedicle diameter was at the L5 level with a mean 8.95 mm (range: 7.10-11.21 mm), while the minimum was at the T5 level with a mean 3.90 mm (range: 3.10-4.82 mm). Statistical significant greater pedicle dimensions were found in males at multiple levels. Pedicle dimensions at the levels from T3 to T8 need preoperative evaluation with computed tomography before the insertion of pedicle screws with diameter more than 5 mm. Pedicles at T12 to L5 levels may accommodate screws of 7 mm diameter.

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