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Soluble organic matrix of two Scleractinian corals: partial and comparative analysis.

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Centre Scientifique de Monaco, av. St Martin, MC 98000 Monaco.


This study is a biochemical and molecular analysis of the soluble organic matrix (SOM) of two Scleractinian corals differing in their morphological characteristics: Stylophora pistillata, a branched robust coral and Pavona cactus, a leafy complex coral. Soluble organic matrix of both coral species were shown to contain high amounts of potentially acidic amino acids and glycine. However, proportions of glycosaminoglycans and SDS-PAGE analyses of soluble organic matrix proteins were very different. Three proteins of S. pistillata and at least five proteins of P. cactus were detected by silver staining, some of them being able to bind calcium. Internal peptide sequences of two matrix proteins (one from each species) were obtained. One sequence of S. pistillata is unusual because it contains a long poly-aspartate domain, as described in proteins belonging to the calsequestrin family and in proteins from molluscan species. This domain suggests an essential role for this protein in the control of mineralization.

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