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Vaccine. 2005 Aug 22;23(36):4521-31.

Investigation of ansB and sspA derived promoters for multi- and single-copy antigen expression in attenuated Salmonella enterica var. typhimurium.

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School of Molecular and Microbial Sciences, The University of Queensland, St. Lucia, Brisbane, Qld. 4072, Australia.


Five candidate promoters were examined to determine their utility in directing immunogenic levels of expression of the C fragment from tetanus toxin in attenuated S. enterica used as an oral vaccine in mice. Promoters derived from the genes encoding the stringent starvation protein (sspA) from E. coli and S. enterica, but not ansB derived promoters, expressed immunogenic levels of C fragment from multi-copy plasmids in attenuated S. enterica in vivo and, following oral immunization, induced high titre specific anti-tetanus toxoid serum antibodies. We also demonstrate that not only the choice of promoter, replicon and growth conditions but also how expression constructs are assembled in the chosen plasmid is critical for the successful development of plasmid-based antigen delivery systems using attenuated S. enterica. In addition, the S. enterica sspA promoter is able to elicit anti-tetanus toxoid antibodies in mice when the psspA-tetC expression cassette is integrated in single copy on the S. enterica chromosome.

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