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J Biol Chem. 2005 Aug 26;280(34):30416-21. Epub 2005 Jun 26.

Connexin 43 interacts with zona occludens-1 and -2 proteins in a cell cycle stage-specific manner.

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Division of Public Health Sciences, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, Washington 98109, USA.


Gap junction channels play an important role in cell growth control, secretion and embryonic development. Gap junctional communication and channel assembly can be regulated by protein-protein interaction with kinases and phosphatases. We have utilized tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) sequence analysis as a screen to identify proteins from cell lysates that interact with the C-terminal cytoplasmic region of connexin 43 (Cx43). MS/MS analysis of tryptic fragments yielded several proteins including zona occludens-1 (ZO-1), a structural protein previously identified to interact with Cx43, and ZO-2, a potential novel interacting partner. We confirmed the interaction of ZO-2 with Cx43 by using a combination of fusion protein "pull down," co-immunoprecipitation, and co-localization experiments. We show that the C-terminal region of Cx43 is necessary for interaction with the PDZ2 domain of ZO-2. Far Western analysis revealed that ZO-2 can directly bind to Cx43 independent of other interacting partners. Immunofluorescence studies indicate that both ZO-1 and ZO-2 can co-localize with Cx43 within the plasma membrane at apparent gap junctional structures. We examined Cx43 interaction with ZO-1 and ZO-2 at different stages of the cell cycle and found that Cx43 had a strong preference for interaction with ZO-1 during G0, whereas ZO-2 interaction occurred approximately equally during G0 and S phases. Since essentially all of the Cx43 in G0 cells is assembled into Triton X-100-resistant junctions, Cx43-ZO-1 interaction may contribute to their stability.

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