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J Bacteriol. 1977 Apr;130(1):181-6.

Cellulase of Neurospora crassa.


Mycelia and ungerminated conidia of Neurospora crassa were found to secrete extracellular endocellulase (EC A simple induction system of potassium phosphate buffer (ph 6.0) plus inducer relied on the internal metabolic reserves of conicia or mycelia to provide energy and substrates for protein synthesis. Buffer concentration for optimum enzyme production was 100 mM, but at higher buffer concentrations enzyme production was inhibited. Cellobiose was clearly the best inducer, with an optimum effect from 0.05 to 1 mM. In deionized water, cellulase remained mostly associated with the cell, but a variety of salts stimulated the release of cellulase into the medium.

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