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J Hazard Mater. 2005 Sep 30;124(1-3):27-33.

Simple empirical method for prediction of impact sensitivity of selected class of explosives.

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Department of Chemistry, College of Sciences, Malek-ashtar University of Technology, P.O. Box 83145/115, Shahin-shahr, Islamic Republic of Iran.


A new approach is described in this work to predict impact sensitivity of a variety of polynitroaliphatics, polynitroaromatics and the explosives containing N-NO2. This paper introduces some simple correlations for prediction of impact sensitivity of C(a)H(b)N(c)O(d) explosives using a, b, c, d, molecular weight and structure information of the explosive. The new correlations are applied to test different polynitroaromatics, benzofuroxans and nitramines. The results are compared with experimental data and some models of complex quantum mechanics computation. Predicted impact sensitivities for 46 explosives have a root mean square (rms) of deviation from experiment of 24 cm, which show good agreement with respect to measured values as compared to five different quantum mechanical models. Impact sensitivities for 58 polynitroaliphatics and related explosives are also calculated, and have a rms deviation from experiment of 40 cm.

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