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Trends Cell Biol. 2005 Jun;15(6):295-302.

MSI1-like proteins: an escort service for chromatin assembly and remodeling complexes.

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Institute of Plant Sciences, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and Zürich-Basel Plant Science Center, ETH Center, CH-8092 Zürich.


MSI1-like WD40 repeat proteins are subunits of many protein complexes controlling chromatin dynamics. These proteins do not have any catalytic activity, but several recent studies using loss-of-function mutants established specific functions during development. Here, we review the current knowledge of MSI1-like proteins, including their phylogenetic history, expression patterns, biochemical interactions and mutant phenotypes. MSI1-like proteins, which are often targets or partners of tumor-suppressor proteins, are required during cell proliferation and differentiation in flies, nematodes and plants. We discuss the possibility that MSI1-like proteins could function to maintain epigenetic memory during development by targeting silencing complexes to chromatin during nucleosome assembly.

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