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J Am Chem Soc. 2005 Jun 8;127(22):8214-25.

Probing side-chain dynamics in high molecular weight proteins by deuterium NMR spin relaxation: an application to an 82-kDa enzyme.

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Protein Engineering Network Centers of Excellence and Department of Medical Genetics, The University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A8, Canada.


New NMR experiments for the measurement of side-chain dynamics in high molecular weight ( approximately 100 kDa) proteins are presented. The experiments quantify (2)H spin relaxation rates in (13)CH(2)D or (13)CHD(2) methyl isotopomers and, for applications to large systems, offer significant gains both in sensitivity (2-3-fold) and resolution over previously published HSQC schemes. The methodology has been applied to investigate Ile dynamics in the 723-residue, single polypeptide chain enzyme, malate synthase G. Methyl-axis order parameters, S(axis), characterizing the amplitudes of motion of the methyl groups, have been derived from both (13)CH(2)D and (13)CHD(2) probes and are in excellent agreement. The distribution of order parameters is trimodal, reflecting the range of dynamics that are available to Ile residues. A reasonable correlation is noted between and inverse temperature factors from X-ray studies of the enzyme. The proposed methodology significantly extends the range of protein systems for which side-chain dynamics can be studied.

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