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Phytochemistry. 2005 Apr;66(8):941-9.

Composition of the essential oil of the liverwort Radula perrottetii of Japanese origin.

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Institute of Organic Chemistry, University of Hamburg, Martin-Luther-King-Platz 6, D-20146 Hamburg, Germany.


Analysis of the essential oil of the liverwort Radula perrottetii afforded two novel viscidane diterpenes, viscida-3,9,14-triene (1), viscida-3,11(18),14-triene (2), four bisabolane sesquiterpenes, bisabola-2,6,11-triene (3), bisabola-1,3,5,7(14),11-pentaene (4), bisabola-1,3,5,7,11-pentaene (5), 6,7-epoxybisabola-2,11-diene (6), and 1-methoxy-4-(2-methylpropenyl)benzene (7) as new natural products. In addition, the known compounds bisabola-1,3,5,7(14),10-pentaene (8), ar-tenuifolene (9), alpha-helmiscapene (10), and beta-helmiscapene (11) were also isolated. Isolation was carried out by preparative gas chromatography, and the structures were established by extensive NMR analysis. This is the first finding of viscidane diterpenes in liverworts. Compounds 8, 9 and the rarely encountered eudesmane sesquiterpene hydrocarbons 10 and 11 are reported for the first time from R. perrottetii.

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